Well it’s been a long rainy spring so far this year. Hope all is well with everyone.

I would like to start out talking about the conference we had last month. Terry Blackmer and his conference committee put on an outstanding conference. The Bavarian Inn and Bavarian Lodge catered to our every need despite the A.C. issue. The food was great and classes were well attended. I would like to thank Terry for his service as President last year and welcome Mike McLeieer as this year’s President.

In my past articles I have talked about recruiting more Michigan Fire Fighters to become members of the Michigan State Firemen’s Association.  During our last executive board meeting I presented a plan to help get the word out. I have asked all the current executive board members to campaign in their own county. I will also be asking for all past presidents to pick an area of their own to go out and do presentations. I will be sending an e-mail out to all past presidents, but if I miss someone please give me a call.

I am also asking for any local Fire Association members, Training Coordinators, Fire Chiefs, or any fire organizations to reach out to me or any executive board member. Jeni from the office will be sending out applications with every book purchased through MSFA so that every new fire fighter receives an application. If anyone would like to have one of the executive board members come out to your academy to put on a presentation please give one of us a call. This also includes any town hall meetings, fire meetings, association meetings, or any type of fire related meetings. The presentation will only take 30 minutes of your time.

I will be traveling to the U.P. this year for the U.P. Fire Fighter Tournaments along with a few past presidents. By the time you receive this Fireplug, the tournaments will already have been taken place. Next year we will try and get the word out before hand so if anyone would like to go you will have time to make plans.

The same weekend as the U.P Tournaments is National Fire Academy in Emmetsburg, MD. Most of the rest of the board with be out there.

This year’s Michigan State Firemen’s Memorial will be held September 21st.  Hope to see everyone there and have a great summer.

Marc Marshall

2nd Director

Michigan State Firemen’s Association

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