On Friday, July 17, 2020, the National Volunteer Fire Council announced Fire Corps resources are being transferred to the NVFC’s website at https://www.nvfc.org/programs/firecorps/.  This change will better provide you and prospective programs with the most current and applicable resources to start, implement, and manage a Fire Corps team in your community.

Through this new page, you can continue to access tools to help you design and grow your program, including:

  • Training for departments and volunteers through the NVFC’s Virtual Classroom
  • Information to start and implement a Fire Corps program
  • Information to recruit for and promote a local program
  • Tools to help potential volunteers get involved
  • Tools for departments to recruit for their Fire Corps program as well as a public website to allow potential volunteers to find local opportunities through the NVFC’s Make Me A Firefighter (MMAF) campaign.
    • Please register your program with the MMAF department portal at https://portal.nvfc.org/ to post your volunteer opportunities.  This will replace your existing Fire Corps registration.
    • Potential volunteers will be able to search for your program from the public MMAF site at https://makemeafirefighter.org.

The original Fire Corps website will no longer be available at the end of July.  However, the www.firecorps.org URL will continue to be active and route to the new NVFC Fire Corps page.

We appreciate all you do to support your local fire and emergency services through Fire Corps.  If you have any questions or need assistance, please email Lori Shirley at lori@nvfc.org or Michigan Fire Corp representative Michael McLeieer, at michael@escapeinc.org or call 269-492.3340.

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