Scholarship Scoring Guidelines

All applications will be reviewed by the Team Gregory Scholarship Committee. The Committee will judge each application in terms of:

  1. Benefits to be derived from the scholarship by the applicant, the applicant’s community and the emergency service based on the applicant’s essay.
  2. Benefits to be derived by the applicant and the emergency service that are outside normal department staff development training.
  3. Evidence that the applicant meets all the applicant criteria and has submitted a completed application package and submitted it by the specified deadline.
  4. Applicant will be notified by mail if their application is accepted.

Applicant Criteria

  • Applicant must be a current member of the Michigan Emergency Service (Fire, Police, EMS)
  • Applicant must currently be an active member of a State Of Michigan, County, City, or Township Department.
  • Volunteers /Career/Paid must have at least two years’ experience.
  • Applicant agrees to use scholarships funds to attend the program they apply for.
  • Applicant must be able to provide certification within their field of service.
  • Applicant agrees to be included in future Team Gregory Charities promotional materials.
  • If the applicant receives a scholarship, Team Gregory Charities will pay the training provider directly.
  • If you are unable to attend the class, cannot find a replacement ,and TGC does not receive a refund , you will be responsible for refunding TGC the full cost of the class.
  • The Maximum scholarship is $250 per student and $500 for a department to conduct a class.