Initial Size-Up Reports for First Due Incident Commanders

Instructor:  Leonard Carmichael, Jr. – Deputy Fire Chief of Operations (Retired)

Target Audience: All levels of the fire service

100 Student Maximum

Saturday, February 1, 2020 9:00am – 3:00pm
Alma Elks Lodge No 1400, 610 West Warwick Drive, PO Box 413, Alma, MI 48801

This 6 hour course covers the initial on-scene size-up for the first arriving officer at all incidents that they respond to.  This course addresses Goals 3 and 4 of the United States Fire Administration’s Emergency Services Leader Strategic Plan.  This class sets up the framework for the entire fireground experience from assessing the incident scene arrival information and setting up an IMS organization.  Thru lecture and individual scenario assessment, the student will use a systematic mental checklist using the CASH acronym, (Command, Actions, Size-Up, and Help) for on-scene size-up reports which can be used at all incidents. Topics include the establishment of command, the 13 point size-up factors, actions of the first due companies, and additional resources that will be needed. A plus for promotional exams.

Cost: $50.00 (members and non-members)

*** We have applied for 5 Certified Fire Inspector points ***

*** 4 EMS credits for Michigan Bureau of EMS, Trauma & Preparedness continuing education  have been approved ***

Contact the MSFA office by calling (810) 635-9513 M-F 8am – 4pm to place your reservation and to pay by credit card before 01/24/2020. You may download the reservation form here.


Leonard Carmichael Jr. retired as a Deputy Fire Chief with the City of Trenton Fire Department of Fire and Emergency Services, and was currently assigned as the Deputy Chief of Operations located at Fire Headquarters. He has served in some of the busiest fire houses in the City. He has over fifty years combined career and volunteer experience in the fire service and has been with the Trenton Fire Department Fire for twenty six years, with assignments in fire suppression, fire and rescue training, firefighter safety and survival training, and hazardous materials, including an assignment as a Haz-Mat Technician with the Trenton Haz-Mat Task Force One.

Chief Carmichael was appointed as the Acting Fire Director for the Department for 10 months between 2010 and 2011. Through his direction working with Battalion Chief John Gribbin who was assigned as the lead, the City was able to receive the Staffing for Adequate Fire Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant for 13.7 million dollars which stopped 18 demotions for fire officers and 61 firefighter layoffs within the Department. Chief Carmichael assisted on two more consecutive SAFER Grant Committee teams and the City received another Staffing for Adequate Fire Emergency Response (SAFER) Grant for a total of 36 million dollars which again stopped 18 demotions for fire officers and 61 firefighter layoffs within the Department. Trenton is the only City in SAFER Grant history that has received three consecutive SAFER Grants for retainment of personnel for a total 46.7 million dollars. Chief Carmichael also wrote 4 consecutive successful Port Security Grant Program’s for the City of Trenton for a total of 8 million dollars. The projects that were awarded included SCBA’s, Dive Equipment and Training Courses, Hazardous Materials Equipment, and Trench and Collapse Rescue Equipment.

He’s served as a volunteer starting with the Kingston Volunteer Fire Company in Kingston, N.J. He then joined the Nottingham Vol. Fire Co. as an associate member and is presently a member with the Mission Fire Company in Bordentown Township.

He received his Associates Degree in Fire Science Administration from Mercer County Community College with a 4.00 GPA. He currently attends New Jersey City University studying for a Bachelor’s degree in Fire Science Administration and Accounting.

Chief Carmichael is an Instructor with both the Hot and Classroom sessions for the Fire Department Instructor’s Conference with PennWell Publishing. In 2008, Chief Carmichael was the Keynote Speaker for the FDIC Conference. He has assisted with the Flashover Simulator for the last ten years at both the FDIC and FDIC East Conferences. Chief Carmichael continues to deliver his very popular “Initial Size-Up Reports for First Due Incident Commanders” classroom course which has been running consecutively for the last 17 years. Chief Carmichael has also presented this class at the Fire Rescue Conference for the International Association of Fire Chiefs. He has also worked as a Hot Instructor for the Mayday program with Firehouse Expo located in Baltimore, Maryland.

He is an adjunct instructor with the National Fire Academy serving in capacities as lead instructor, co-instructor, and exercise controller. Chief Carmichael also teaches numerous National Fire Academy two-day courses in the Counter-Terrorism, Hazardous Materials, Safety, and Incident Management Curriculum’s. He is a National Incident Management System (NIMS) instructor for both the National Fire Academy and the Federal Emergency Management Agency which is under the Department of Homeland Security. Chief Carmichael has just completed all of the training for the All-Hazards Position Specific Courses and has been placed on the Adjunct Instructor Course List for the Emergency Management Institute for those courses.

Chief Carmichael has instructed for the last three years at the Carl Holmes Executive Development Institute in New Orleans Louisiana. He has instructed on topics on NIMS Applications, Strategy & Tactics, Promotional Examination Test Taking strategies, and Executive Administration Courses within all modules for the EDI Curriculum.

Chief Carmichael currently serves as an Operations and Planning Section Chief for the Atlantic County Type 3 Incident Management Team. Because of his area of chief expertise, Chief Carmichael implemented, formed, and served as the Program Director for the City of Trenton’s Type 4 Incident Management Team. Chief Carmichael has an assignment with New Jersey’s Type 3 IMT Team as an Operations Section Chief. Chief Carmichael has currently completed his Operations Section Chief Position Specific Task Book for credentialing as an Operations Section Chief for a Type III Incident Management Team.

Chief Carmichael is certified as a Master Instructor with the Professional Association of Dive Instructor’s (PADI). Because of this certification, Chief Carmichael was responsible as the Team Leader and Lead Instructor for the Public Safety Dive Team for Task Force One.

He is qualified as a Level 2 instructor with the State of New Jersey. He is an Adjunct Professor and teaches Strategy & Tactics for the Mercer County Community College. He has served as the Lead Instructor for recruit training with the Trenton Probationary Fire School.

He has and continues to serve on development committees for recertification courses. He’s designed innovative programs with an emphasis on Incident Management Team strategy & tactics and assisted in the development of other training programs, many for the New Jersey Division of Fire Safety (DFS). He currently serves as a technical advisor and reviewer of other local, state, and federal courses. He has lectured presentations at numerous local and state conferences. He’s served on a variety of pivotal committees and groups at the local, state, and federal levels and works with local, state, and federal committees and task forces related to incident management, hazardous materials, safety, and terrorism.

He’s the owner of Fire Training Associates which provides a wide variety of emergency response training, including hazardous materials, incident management, technical rescue, and emergency medical services, as well as consulting on fire department services to Fire Department’s all thru the country. He has served as a course manager for the Mercer County Community College’s Vo-Tech Firefighter I and II program and serves on the FF1 and FF2 advisory board for the State of New Jersey.

Chief Carmichael has a daughter named Bridget Mary Carmichael and resides in Bordentown, New Jersey.